How About an Extra $300 Per Month?

You already know these tips I’m just reminding you!

First of all, you know what to do already I’m just bringing it back up.

Ok, so you wish you could have just $300 extra per month your life would be better off.

Below are seven tips on how you can have $300 per month or more extra.

  1. If you drink Starbucks or any coffee I bet you average $15 per week. Which is easy $60 a month and some of you know you spend more. Drink water and drop the coffee in half will put $30 in your pocket.

I didn’t mention kids, going out to dinner, buying clothes, or entertainment. You gotta keep those things so you can feel like you deserve it.

This really is a note to self. $300 a month is $3,600 a year, but you already know this. It’s just a reminder.

$3,600 is more than what you will make in interest in your bank account, stocks, or even crypto on average.
$3,600 is more than the raise you will get on average.
$3,600 is more than a bonus you will get.
$3,600 is enough to teach yourself three new skills.

Just sayin’



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