Bob Proctor Paradigm Shift Review

Steph Wynne
9 min readDec 23, 2018

First of all Bob Proctor is the Man! Anyone associated with Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale is cool in my book!

I’m writing this for anyone that might want to attend and you should if you have the desire as I did. But it wasn’t about the seminar it was about meeting Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher along with meeting like minds.

I had just found out about Bob earlier this year (2018) and I listen to plenty of self-improvement audio and Bob all year has been at the top of the list, however, I switch up with various speakers.

No one lives forever and I thought I better try to get a picture of Bob and Sandy because (I pray he doesn’t) we all gotta go into the sunset. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Bob in my car especially when I was dealing with a 4 to 5 hour daily traffic situation (Thank God that’s over). No doubt listening to Bob you will learn and grow!

Bob speaks of repetition which I agree on as trying to get over any habit or to learn something new it’s takes repetition so I already knew going into the seminar it would be a repeat of the Paradigm Shift that I saw on YouTube and it was about 65%. I only say 65% because Sandy was not there :( and Bob flawlessly took over and provided enough energy for the three day event as he did prior to Sandy coming on board I can imagine.

Eventually I subscribe and start getting daily affirmations which is cool I read ’em when I can. Sometimes the daily affirmation comes from another person on Bobs’ behalf or a link directly to the website. One day I received an email for an upcoming Matrix seminar but at the time I really couldn’t drop I think it was $995 I can’t remember but I was willing to pay it if I had it. When the Paradigm Shift came up that was much better on the bank account so I paid $497 for the 3 day event.

I was going for the event but mainly to network with like minds! I was juiced about that! However, I knew my ultimate goal was to take a picture with Bob and Sandy! So while watching one of the Paradigm seminars on YouTube his right had woman I think her name is Gina (I met her so I should know her name) if I’m wrong she’s the MC and wears glasses (it’s because of her I stayed at the seminar as I got hot about something) said that they’re protective of Bob.

So I thought maybe instead of just walking up to him like I had planned I’ll send an email to ask the staff if I could get a photo and the reply was basically no because he doesn’t have all day to take photos. Which I understand. Second plan was to FEDEX my books so he could see I was doing something with my life. Third plan was to get a gold millionaire lapel pin like the one he gives to those that earn a million dollars…I got a cheap $10 one from the UK (the UK to Los Angeles, the seller made no mulla) but I didn’t receive it in time for the event. Meh it was cheezy anyway.

So I said I’m gonna go in style and stay at the Los Angeles Hilton hotel three days ($475). I live in LA and although I could’ve driven to the hotel I arrived early the night before so I could get my credentials for the early check in. I get my credentials and for some reason everyone thought I worked for the hotel. I guess it was the black suit and the way I walk. Oh yeah like I’m the ultimate professional and owner of the hotel. So I strolled into the room where the event was to be filmed. (I’ve filmed a lot of events and one was a toast at Universal for some famous film composers a while back cuz Final Cut Pro had just come on the scene I think the previous year so I was training people how to use it and I was training a composer who had a JVC HD camera like me and invited me to help film the event and I knocked it out! Not the first time tho!)

Sorry I go left but back right…

Anyway I wanted to see their layout and no one questioned me because I had the look of hotel management although not my intention. The setup was cool much more professional than my ghetto setups…but my ghetto setups worked! I had energy and wanted to talk but it was kinda low keyed so I went to my van and puffed on some cheb (weed) and went back upstairs to chill for the next day.

I hopped up the next morning ready to network and have a good time. I didn’t take my books with me as I wanted to feel the people out. I forgot to mention I had 100 pens made in different colors and kinda cool. I put my name and a quote “Write down what you want” and my cell phone number. I was just gonna give them away free as conversation creators. It worked. I got there exactly at 9am so I didn’t get time to talk to anyone but when the break was due I wanted to network so I walked up to various people giving out a pen and trying to find out what was their goal was for the seminar or whatever.

Now here’s where it’s kinda weird and I don’t know whether it’s me or not. Within our 15 minute break I spoke with maybe 8-10 people (some were paired)and what I noticed is that some seemed passive and I thought that strange for a Bob Proctor Event. Passive like I could sell them a ticket to the moon. Then there were others that seemed to care about their own egos and cliques. I thought it sorta strange but maybe my intuition was wrong, maybe my focus was wrong, maybe I was just wrong about what I felt and saw.

So I thought I won’t be taking my time trying to create conversations when some of them couldn’t hold one which I thought so interesting…maybe I wanted everyone to have the same energy as me….So no more chit chat, time to give away my books with my autograph to anyone who wanted to take notice.

My goal was never to sell the books if someone wanted one they could have it free provided I could give my autograph. I remember my first autograph when I had my first rap record store. This kid from Australia was so thrilled to be in my store he asked for my autograph and on TV it seemed like stars just scribbled so I just scribbled literally. I think about that because what the kid wanted me to say is that he made to Poisonous Records in Hollywood…folks were coming from around the world to Hollywood and found my record store right on Hollywood and Vine in the 90’s it was crazy…

Sorry I cut to scenes…

A couple of Steph’s Skinny Books

So at lunch time I take my three books “One Offer Away From Wealth: Sooner Or Later You Will Arrive”, “22 Tips to Get Out The Ghetto: The ghetto is any place you don’t want to be and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live”, 22 Tips To Get Unstuck: It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. The same book with different covers and each book is no more than 50 pages so they’re skinny that’s why I called my publishing company Skinny Books.

So I line the books up side by side on the hotel ice platter and along with my pens, I look professional and non-intimidating.

I arrive early from lunch with a smile holding pens in one hand and the tray of books in the other hand and beneath that my extra books…the staff didn’t know what to make of me and said nothing. As the people begin to come back from lunch I’m approached by some and ignored by others. I thought it strange as I was not yelling “hey come buy my books”.

I offered a pen to anyone that walked by and generated a few conversations. One gentleman wanted to buy a book immediately and I politely told him he could have it for free only if I could thank him on the inside cover. I gave away about 15 books and 65 pens over the course of the event.

It was cool, however I noticed the people in the cliques wouldn’t give me any eye contact and when one guy did come over he quickly accused me of wanting to sell something to him which put me on defense. I roared with a low voice I’m not trying to sell you anything. He scurried away and didn’t want a pen. I had a few good conversations and a few people tried to hang in my space but I had to nudge them out as they wanted to chit chat about their problems.

Over the course of two of the three days I was out in the lobby for every break and lunch. I even gave the hotel staff pens and people in the elevator. The pens were a hit and looked and wrote better than the one Bob gave out…so I was told. The people had come to expect me there as I as the only person promoting myself.

The seminar was fine but I couldn’t help but focus on the separatism that I saw between those that paid good money for the good seats and those that scrapped up a few dollars to get in. I found that the people at my table had been there more than once and I asked why. Bob is saying the same thing he says on youtube and I don’t see anyone mingling if they’re alone. The loners stayed alone. I wanted energy from the people. I wanted to talk about aspirations, business goals and plans. It was none of that…well maybe with the cliques. I tried to create it and got bored with the conversations.

Then I found out Sandy was not gonna be there so I was somewhat disappointed. On day two after lunch I sat in the back so that if I left early I wouldn’t disrupt the seminar. A male volunteer tells me I can’t sit where I’m sitting and that someone might complain. I told him with a smile that he would be the only one complaining and continued to do what I was doing.

He scurried away like a child and told another volunteer who I had met earlier. They both come over to me like the seminar police to urge me to move. Mind you I was literally in the corner in the back of the room and blended in with the darkness. No one could see me unless they looked. I acquiesced as I didn’t want to cause a scene, but I was pissed at the childish way it was handled.

The second volunteer found me a place at a table that I didn’t want to be at and told me to squeeze in. I had a table I could be at so that wasn’t the issue. I was like F-it and walked out the seminar. Apparently Gina, Bob’s second hand woman heard me say under my breath as I walked by “I’m getting the F outta here” and followed me into the lobby and asked me what happened. I told her and she said “well you know better than to let something like that spoil your day” or something like that…She said take a few breaths and come back in. I thanked her and went back into the seminar and sat in the back at the volunteers table, which was fine.

I was still a little hot under the collar and didn’t want to be there…I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, however I was on the same floor as Bob and I’m sure if I would’ve waited, at some time I would have met him and maybe even gotten a picture as a young lady on the floor told me she had done. But by the third day I was drained and slept in, checked out and was gone by noon as the event ended at 1pm or 2pm. Oh yeah I did meet Jack Canfield in the elevator!

One of the guys I exchanged info with called me and asked where I was on the last day as people were looking for me and my books…I guess it was my loss for not going the last day but I knew what to expect as I saw the video. I think I expected more, not from Bob or Sandy but from the attendees. I thought the attendees would be the driven energetic types that want to take over the world, and they were there…in cliques…but it seemed to be more sheeple that wanted to be told where to go and how to get there.

Out of 5 stars I give 4 for the seminar and 3 for the sheeple.



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