Buy NVIDIA Stock Guys! This is Like When Apple and Amazon was Blowing Up! It’s already up $11

Steph Wynne
1 min readJun 10, 2024


A 1 year snapshot. If you got an extra $500 or more buy NVIDIA stock!

NVIDIA just did a10 to 1 stock split.

I only had 1 stock and now I have 10.

Although initially the value of the stock stays the same but as the days go by I anticipate the stock will go way up.

I’m not gonna go into the specifics, but please buy NVIDIA stock if have nothing else to do with your money.

It was $1,200 (I’m rounding) the other day and now that it split it’s $120.

So you can bet one day it will be back to $1,200 or more again soon. A lot more.

It’s mainly because the company has a market on certain chips and is now involved with robotics, AI algorithms, games and so much more!

Jensen Huang one of the founders isn’t playing and will be part of the eventual AI invasion.

One day he and his partners will look in the mirror and say “What have we created.”

Anyway this is a good place for your money because your bank or crypto ain’t it.

Just sayin’



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