Clever! IRS Stimulus Checks In Your Bank Today April 15th!

Steph Wynne
1 min readApr 15, 2020
Nice move fella’s

Nice move! “Don’t feed ‘em and let ’em suffer and then give ’em a treat and they will love you…like a god!”

Ha! I like those guys!

Anyway folks check your bank account because we got paid today! I’m grateful! Yes on April 15th. Clever!

Sweet! You get $1,200 plus $500 per kid, nice payday for some folks!

So what will you spend your money on?

Entertainment, drugs, alcohol? Pay rent? School Supplies? Food? Toiletries?

Actually I thought about taking half of my $1,200 and paying the IRS estimated taxes. Then when I file my taxes they will see I did good and I will get it back and some…my strategy.

or pay a creditor half to increase my credit score due to the balance being lowered…

The IRS or my credit score?

Definitely credit score!

My weedman get’s the other half! I’m kiddin’ Uncle Sam! Seriously!

I’m actually gonna join Mark Joyner, buy a few bonds and pay off a creditor.

Also, watch out for scammers they are in full effect!

Justin’ sayin’



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