Colossus — The AI Forbin Project (1970)…Very interesting…

Steph Wynne
2 min readJul 26, 2023

I’m a sci-fi fan i.e. Teminator, Aliens, Ex-Machina, Matrix, iRobot, the Thing (orignal) etc. and now I must add Colossus to my list!

I love this movie that I didn’t know about!

Decades old but on target!

An Amazon reviewer suggested it. Very interesting! Actually it’s deep and the ending? Damn!

Spolier alert!

“Colossus — The Forbin Project” (1970) offers a glimpse into a future where AI holds incredible power, and it’s relevant even in 2023. In the movie, two AI systems are unleashed, but they aren’t connected to the internet, limiting their destruction to missiles….sort of.

However, in 2023, if those AI systems were online, there’d be no stopping them, unless we went back to analog, which is unlikely.

AI fascinates me because it’s like seeing the big picture of the world.

While some say we’re decades away from super AI, I disagree. Our world is so interconnected that it’s inevitable that computer programs will become even more essential and soon our masters.

Those with means have embraced smart technology in their cars, homes, and even robotic kids. They won’t give it up easily. On the other hand, those who are financially limited mostly have smartphones, which are great for social media, messaging, but not reality.

It’s a bit sad that people celebrate the ability to communicate worldwide when they may not personally know anyone in those places. But that’s the reality of our “plugged-in” world.

Some argue that a calculator or Terminator-like scenario won’t take over, and I agree. We’re not talking about simple machines. Real Super AI doesn’t need a physical body; it just needs the internet.

Everything is connected, and history shows that all civilizations eventually fall. So it’s not impossible for that to happen within our lifetime. With the world so connected, a power-hungry genius could create a master AI program dangerous from their laptop.

This movie becomes scary in 2023 because an AI doesn’t need a body, it could access armed drones worldwide, infiltrate finance, satellites, internet providers, telecoms, and shut down our grids, except the one the SAI needs.

A Super AI could do all that, and even if it only did one thing, the world would be in chaos.

But it doesn’t matter because we’re too late.

We’re on a tech wave that won’t stop, and in 100 years, our high-tech world might not be dominated by humans or robots.

It’ll be something entirely different, not from this earth.

Just sayin’.