Do we need followers to succeed in life? To succeed online?

Steph Wynne
3 min readJul 11, 2022
Followers scare me. I mean I’ll take them as long as they leave me alone. I like walking my own path without others behind me or questioning where I’m going. I guess I still like my “over-rated” privacy.

I’m getting sick of the internet telling me how and what I should write. Not directly but I can read between the lines.

I know that FB, YT, Amazon, Google, and the internet providers can all shut me down because of my words.

So to a certain degree, I censor myself. I write all nice nice.

In order to have followers, I must write, say (audio) or do (video) something the masses like? So what would that be tho?

What is the superpower that draws followers?

I just realized recently that one of my superpowers is writing.

For decades I’ve been trying to figure out my calling.

I’m a generalist with many skills. I don’t care how old I get as long as I’m learning and producing I’m good.

With so many skills I wasn’t sure what my direction or purpose was.

It’s crazy! I was using the wrong words to describe myself like:

Energetic, enthusiastic, creative, and motivated but those words are not a superpower. I think.

So I thought skills must be my superpower.

I looked at what I’ve done the longest in my life. What was physically in my hands?

A pencil and a camera.

Even when I looked back into my past I still didn’t get that writing was and is my thing.

Then I look around and well I have decades of pictures exposed on various media. I’m talking about going back to instant Polaroids. I guess I was fascinated as a kid and stole one out of a store, along with packs of film.

So is my other superpower making films as I have done? Not just films but music videos, short films, long films, docs, commercials, Affect Effects videos etc.

As a matter of fact, I turned my little short stories into films before the Internet. I can even say that when google bought youtube I was one of the first creators they told me better move my films over to youtube…or else.

They’re still there since 2005.

Anyway, I’m saying for the longest I didn’t know what my superpower was and I’m tired of “experts” telling me how I should do this or that.

Since nobody is giving me big-time dolla dollas I’m just gonna put out what I want and how I want it.

But yet I censor myself. I try to be oh so nice with my words.

Experts tell us to write for an audience. What the f does that mean?

Everybody is different so you know what?

I’m just gonna write what interests me and be myself. I mean I have, but I was thinking about changing…writing for an audience.

I recently canceled my ticket to Funnel Hacker Live in Florida. Jetblue canceled my airline ticket so it was a chance to cancel the thousand-dollar FHL ticket.

Russell Brunson's tribe setup is good for him and his style but not for me.

I don’t want thousands of people in front of me. I mean I can talk to a crowd and I see myself doing so. I like followers but I don’t want to be defined by them.

Do I suck if I only have two followers? Do other people suck it I see they only have 2 followers?

I just want people to read my stuff when they cross it and hopefully learn something.

Why can’t I just lay low and write my books and do my films? I mean I can, but the more I read the more it says find your own voice but yet it seems to be based on how many followers I have. I think.

I’m so over that!

I closed out my FB account last month for good. I was never really into it as it’s too programming and time-consuming. I kept it just because the herd is on it.

I don’t like FB and FB doesn’t like me!

No more chasing an audience with keywords and long-tail keywords, SEO, or google trends. Trying to get a following, or maybe just trying to be heard really.

Just sayin’