Do you have conversion issues? Maybe nobody wants what you are selling! Note to self.

Steph Wynne
7 min readAug 11, 2022
Oooh nice! Women must viciously master the art of knee to groin smash!

Maybe they don’t want what you are selling. Truth be told they don’t want my shit either.

Who’s “they?” People that spend money on what they “want” and not what I’m selling.

It took me a while to get that because it’s my shit and if they don’t want it fine!

But then I thought, what if I change my attitude and create what they want.

“They” are the market I want to sell to.

So, I have a ClickFunnels account which I’m leaving for Kartra. But I like Russell Brunson and I love the loads of free content CF offers.

A piece of free content I found recently of CL was a spy cheat sheet that shows the 17 magic niches which are:

Weight loss


Business opportunities

Business Training and tools


Consumer Software

Enterprise software

Dating advice and resources

Sports and Leisure


Finance and investing

Health and fitness

Home and garden


Kids and Family


and Self Defense

I trust Russell because he’s the Man right now and if he says these are the 17 markets then I believe him (even though I canceled my FHL tickets for next month).

Out of the 17 niches I asked myself which markets can I create from scratch or retrieve from my pipeline.

I narrowed it down to 7:

Weight loss

Business opportunities

Business training and tools

Dating advice and resources

Finance and investing

Health and fitness

and Self Defense

I looked at all the projects that I have in my pipeline to see if any would fit.

Weight loss — I already have a book on Amazon and have another crazy one in the pipeline — but nah…

Business opportunities — Well I know how to teach people how start a business — but nah…

Business Training and tools — I can train others on so many levels business tools — but nah…

Dating advice and resources — Well I had a magazine for 15 years (10 years before the internet and 5 years thereafter RIP). I was told to bring it back — but nah…

Finance and investing — Another area where I shine and how I make a living. Thing is I don’t want these clients in my life forever…so nah

Health and fitness — This is important, and I can teach it, but until I lose a few pounds no need to try to teach someone about being fit if I’m not. It’s like a fat doctor — so nah…

Self Defense — Hmmm, I’ve always been into self-defense on one level or another. Hmmm I have a dormant website which is teaching women 5 techniques to F a MF up if they mess with you.

Not me teaching (I’ll be filming and running the show) but a private trainer skilled in everything and an ex-cop. I know a couple of cops so if you ain’t feeling a good loving policeman well then sorry!

One officer is teaching you the good stuff and the other officer is telling you what to look out for.

For example, if someone is trying to abduct you, just faint. Probably won’t happen to most of us though. The attacker will be like, forget it and kick you for wasting their time and run off to the next victim.

The audience I’m building won’t care! They want to get out of a situation instead of being scared and fearful of men and women!

Not Bruce Lee style but street fighting.

Hmmm, I forgot the self-defense course also includes shooting a firearm the 4th week of course.

So here’s my goal amongst many that I have.

Create a five-week in person self defense course “SDC” meeting on mornings from 7–8:30 am so a person cannot be a couch potato.

Yeah I could just shoot a video but this is real life so the contact needs to be real, but limited.

Location will depend on the response because with peerspace I don’t need to sit in one spot, but I might. Right now most likely North Hollywood, Encino, or Woodland Hills, California.

But this will not be an ordinary SDC.

Only one male trainer, ten women and no cell phones. Men are encouraged to hang out if they want their eyes gouged out and groins crushed!

Hehe, I got that from Damin @ (I didn’t bite his company name as I’ve had my URL for a while too. It’s just that “self-defense” is a great keyword).

So this is what I’m thinking and have already started:

The Self-Defense Movement is about women getting home safe.

You want to learn real life self-defense tactics that can be used in a street fight (grocery store lots, parking lots, road rage, sports event etc.) that can occur anywhere and self-defense will keep you sharp!

No worries, you won’t be doing any hardcore maneuvers, but simple tactics that can help you get away from your attacker.

Whatever it takes for you to get away. You have to be willing to go “there.”

This is about learning how to defend yourself with tactics for wrist holds, bearhugs, kicks and knees to the balls, gouging of eyes (meat used), stomps on feet, where to bite etc.

Week one — Learn how to get out of wrist holds, bear hugs, gouging out eyes and biting noses ewh.

If your life is at stake and it could be these days you have to be ready no matter where you live or work.

Special guest live or via Zoom (or the equivalent)

Week two — Learn how to use your legs and feet along with what you learned in week one as a combination to get free and make it home safely.

This is not old school Jet li style (which is fine), but street style where if someone F’s with you they have to deal with the consequences of you biting off their nose ewh.

Week three — Learn how to use pepper spray, mace, and the bad guy repellant. Also a recap of weeks one and two. Along with special YouTube videos regarding what you can do with legal weapons.

Special guest (police officer friend) live or via Zoom or (Riverside equivalent)

Week four firearm shooting in the Mojave Hills (no it’s not that far from LA) and you can learn in one session how to shoot a gun.

A special military friend got fire — So come learn how to shoot!

Week five brings together everything you’ve learned.

Street holds, bearhugs, kicks into the balls, gouges his eyes, stomps on his toes, biting whatever it takes for you to get away. You have to be willing to go “there.”

Example: A sidekick is hanging out of a slow-moving car and grabs your purse. Your instinct tells you to hold on to it, but the criminal wants the purse and holds on too.

I know. You got bills to pay so you gonna hold on to that money until the strap breaks. Ok.

The sidekick’s friend stops the car and backs up. I know.

You run back into the store and fear the rest of the night that the criminal may have followed you home.

However the criminal might think you have their description so the tables I guess can be flipped.

Anyway the point being is shit can happen.

I swear I got sentenced to 100 hours community service and 40 hours of anger management for getting into a physical situation at a gas station over a $1!

That day we both learned a lesson.

A fight can occur anywhere a “crazy I don’t give a f#ck” person hangs out.

You can get into a grocery store scuffle and I’m not just talking about Walmart (no offense).

It could be because of road rage. Or a fight can occur in a parking lot during a Black Friday sale.

Maybe at a sporting event those fans are crazy!

It could be a Target or a Best Buy or your office if somebody is terminated and then picks a fight with you!

Like Damien says “At the end of the day, it’s about getting home safe and ALIVE. Any self-defense training should include — Awareness, Avoidance, Escape, Evasion, Use of Force and Weapons (edged, impact and projectile)”

Tell ’em Damien! I will have Damien via Zoom or Riverside during one of the weeks! He doesn’t know it yet though!

But if someone puts their hands on you, they must deal with the consequences.

Out of the 17 niches I picked self-defense because it’s already crazy out there, and I hate to say it’s gonna get worse. So we ladies need to defend ourselves.

I’m niching the self-defense course down to mothers, professional women and teachers. They can then teach their daughters. Guys can hangout if they want to be punching bags! 😊

I won’t carry on.

I wrote this article for people who are generalists and have ideas they are “pushing” out to the world, but the world is not responding.

It might be time for fellow generalists to pick a niche above and roll with it to see what happens.

I know it’s not a problem for you because you have infinite skills and abilities! You create on the fly!

There’s more to my self-defense movement, but I’m gonna do what Russell says so I created a funnel and see what happens!

Will they want my shit?

Well for one I will not call my Self-Defense Movement shit any more.

Just sayin’




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