Don’t Get Stuck with Fake bitcoins

If you buy coins that look like this you have been tricked!

I’m writing a book about bitcoin so of course I have to research it.

The word Bitcoin is confusing. There is a lower case spelling, bitcoin and an upper case spelling, Bitcoin.

The upper case Bitcoin refers to the blockchain and the lower case bitcoin is the currency.

Bitcoin is the network and bitcoin the cryptocurrency

Confusing yes?

What I will say is this, buy, hold and sell bitcoin, but don’t buy the actual coins, you don’t need to.

I know they look nice and shiny but don’t buy them.

I’m positive based on what I know they are phony and the only value they have is what you think they are worth.

  1. If you buy the fake coins and then give your private key, the person adding the key has your numbers.
  2. If a merchant takes a bitcoin he will not know if it is real and is a fool.
  3. Stick with the digital wallets…for now…or create your own offline wallet.

I’m writing a book on bitcoin in elementary terms. I’m keeping it simple.

Answer: “Bitcoin is powered by electricity to make it as simple as possible” -Daniel Mross

My new book High Stakes — 25 Questions About bitcoin

Digital currency is definitely here and was been here before bitcoin. Money became digital when the internet came on the scene.

Mike Caldwell says the bitcoins are collectibles. He should know because he created the first physical bitcoin called casascius bitcoin.

In some ways the physical bitcoin Mike created gave digital bitcoin a face in a physical world.

Digital currency technology is here to stay.

Invest now in bitcoin.

Let it ride.

Then get your dollars out.

Like the stock market.

If you have $100 buy bitcoin below and receive $10 of bitcoin. No it’s not too late.


Do not buy physical bitcoins.

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