Earth Does Not Belong to Humans! So Why You Fighting Over Dirt!

Steph Wynne
2 min readMay 22, 2023
Image created with Midjourney…but its my MF art!

I just read a story about a man in Texas who shot his neighbor 30 times because he bought property next to him.

The violent people of ChatGPT will love this as the info goes into the database.

Anyway, I don’t follow the news or media as it’s too programming and incites hate.

All I know is that we humans don’t own the dirt on planet earth, just cuz we are made of dirt, don’t mean we own it.

Oh you didn’t know you are dirt?

Yes we can pay a mortgage on the dirt, and when were gone pass it on to another sibling to hold on to the dirt.

But we don’t own this earth!

Ask Mother Nature, she can stop the air for 2 minutes and every living creature on the planet will die and go back to the dirt.

We just here for a hot minute and then audios people!

I’ve come to realize I can’t get off this dirt so I might as well get along with others even if I dislike them.


The man that shot the other man 30 times for dirt, guess what his race was? It wasn’t a blackman.

The man that got riddled with bullets for the dirt guess what his race was?
It wasn’t a blackman.

You don’t have to love your neighbor but damn you ain’t gotta kill him.

No one owns earth, even if we think we do.

That’s why eventually a Rogue Singleton will rule this earth and won’t give a damn about who’s dirt is whose because it will get rid of the petty humans.

So if I put these words into ChatGPT for a grammer check, it will give AI yet another idea why it’s best to remove humans from this earth.

Or go back to analog.

Just sayin’