Elon Owns bitcoin! If he pulls out, bitcoin will be crash and burn!

Elon’s bitcoin will burn if he pulls out and takes his profits with him! Photo via my canva subscription


If Elon decides to cash in his bitcoin and profits bitcoin would crash and be worth a few bits. Maybe worth a hundred Satoshi.

It would crash because people would not buy and sell on the platform nor would the investors invest. Well, some might because they think if they buy low bitcoin will got to a zillion again.

Miners won’t make any money and bitcoin will drop into a black hole joining Satoshi.

Within the first week of Elon buying bitcoin, his team went behind the scenes and changed some code. The developers even thanked him. What did they change or update and why wasn’t it done before?

Does the update benefit investors or Elon?

I thought bitcoin was owned by no one? But yet anyone with the software can tamper with it. Yes I know there are a zillion backups. If Elon is making all the money the miners will find a way to shave a little bit for themselves.

Whoever has the most money owns bitcoin because they have the fat pockets for monster computers systems. When Elon pulls out so will all the other companies and then the banks will be happy again!

I own some bitcoin but I am not a gambler and pull out $250 a week. Yes I know it’s not much but it pays the bills in the real world.

I was made for bitcoin and now understand that bitcoin is a mathematical equation and it makes total sense.

At first I didn’t realized it until I looked Satoshi’s paper and said hey this is a mathematical equation that he wants people to believe in!


You must know this!

bitcoin is made up of 4 main parts

bitcoin is 4 parts image by Steph

So when you hear about bitcoin don’t be intimidated just look at the chart above to find out whatever whoever is talking about.

  1. bitcoin digital currency (the IRS calls bitcoin virtual currency) If me and a friend both join the network I can send you money under the table! I mean without a middle man like a bank with no fees! However the IRS and the Sales taxes agency will be on the block too!

2. bitcoin investments — This is where the frenzy is! As of this article bitcoin is about 60k. Think coinbase or gemini!

3. The Miners (developers, engineers and nerds the real owners) these people mine the new gold I mean bitcoin and are proclaimed to be honest, yet trust no one on the bitcoin blockchain is their motto. Their words not mine! Verify is their motto!

4. Bitcoin Blockchain — This is where the miners work making sure all the transactions check out so they can get a trinket of bitcoin and some fees. If they have a badass computer they will get all the bitcoin! You will soon call this blockchain Elon’s bitcoin!

Just sayin’

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