Resistance Has Two Faces

Steph Wynne
3 min readOct 10, 2022
My dogs hate resistance too. Pic from my Canva subscription


If you want to resist the chocolate cake resistance is good.

If you want to work out or get up early and resistance kicks in it’s not ok.

Bad resistance get the hell out of my life!

Mental Resistance is Slick! Dude will keep you fat, broke and unproductive.

Yeah I’m talking to myself.

I wanna say I’ve been procrastinating about some things (but I get alot of stuff done too) so I can’t blame procrastination 100%. Nah it something else.

I ran across this book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, which is about resistance. That tiny voice in your head that always seems to get in the way of things you know need to get done.

When I wrote 22 Tips How To Get Out of the Ghetto, it was really about telling our minds to shut the F-up (STFU).

But now, I see I’ve been letting resistance take the place of crazy thoughts that I would normally tell “get the hell on.”

My subconscious is resisting certain actions in some areas of my life. Basically not getting things done that I know I should.

Example: Last September 2021, I did the Robin Sharma 66 days of getting up at 5am, working out and journaling. I did it and it was great!

Thing is I really didn’t lose any weight and I think subconsciously that was my goal. I expected to lose weight.

Even though I was actually getting resluts in other areas and knew the weight would come off eventually, I reverted back to my old ways as soon as the 66 days were up.

Yep on the 67th day I gave myself a “break.”

I’m mad at myself because a year later healthwise, I’m still in the same situation and maybe a pound or two heavier or not I need to check, but definaltey not working out as much as I know I can.

It’s like what happened?

I’m facing my own resistance.

I didn’t tell the resistance to take a hike. I didn’t tell the resistance to get the hell out of my life. Resistance is pulling the strings in the back of my mind…

Eh, you don’t have to work out today. Eh, you don’t have to work on the projects that could feed you. Eh, you’ll get around to it.

What the heck is that?!

I’m done! FU resistance!

Thing is, our minds are slick. It will come up with another trick.

I’m putting a guard in front of the gate of my mind.

I’m visualizing a bulky dude about two hundred and seventy five pounds. Bald head and a black suit. He ain’t smiling and has a two inch scar over his right eye.

He has a “mind-zap” gun strapped to each side of his body and when resistance tries to creep up to get over the gate and into my mind, my boy lets him have it between the eyes and resistance is gone.

But only temporarily. He’ll be back.

So if you have resistance in your life, I would usually say paint black the thoughts in your head, but resistance is slick and you need a mental gatekeeper.

So create one in your mind.

Just sayin’