Are You Still Caught Up Tryin’ To Get Rich Off Crypto, TikTok or YouTube?

Steph Wynne
6 min readApr 6, 2024


You still think you gonna get rich off crypto?

You ain’t never gonna be rich so stop tryin’.

I mean the odds don’t look good.

Now I know you sayin’ who am I to tell you that you ain’t never gonna to be rich?

First of all I can do the math.

One reason that I can say you ain’t gonna get rich is because you are using the word “rich.”

What does that really mean? If you ain’t putting the word in monetary terms then the word rich can mean lots ot things.

Or worse, if the universe doesn’t know what rich means to you, how can you get what you want?

You can be rich in money, you can be rich in health, you can be rich in status, you can be emotionally rich etc.

So until you tell yourself what you’re going to be rich at you will never truly be rich at anything.

Cuz rich is nothin’ but a word.

If being rich to you is about money, then how much money will it take for you to consider yourself rich?

You hustlin’ in any way you can. I guess you gonna get rich or die tryin’. But I guess you’ll be dead first.

You so busy hustlin’ and tryin’ to make money, that time goes by and you look up and still ain’t got sh*t.

So you want a million dollars cash money in the bank? Right?

I have been behind the scenes of many companies large and small and most of them don’t have a million in cash sitting around.

They might own stock, property, a business etc. but very few have a million dollars cash.

So what makes you special, YouTube views? YouTube subscribers?

So stop dreamin’ cuz you wastin’ time’!

You as an individual will never have a million dollars cash in the bank especially if you don’t have a business.

See, a lot of people have already made a million dollars, especially if they’ve been working at least 20 years. Which is not long in the scheme of things.

If you make $50,000 (which is only $25 dollars an hour @ 40 hours per week full time) a year for 10 years that’s $500,000 so 20 years is a million.

You’ll say Steph I can’t wait that long I want it now! Well you ain’t gonna get it now! All you doing is putting pressure on yourself.

What cracks me up are the people who call themselves millionaires and billionaires on their podcast, but only have a day job.

It’s like they think if they call themselves a millionaire of billionaire that the money will appear out of the air without work.

Remember you will need people to be a co-participant in making money.

You say well hey Mr. Beast has made millions on Youtube, but how much did he spend? Did he really make millions?

Yeah he’s made money no doubt, but now he’s on Roku TV tryin’ to make money blowing up sh*t to get attention but it’s costing him money.

Mr. Beast doesn’t have a limitless supply of money.

Or you’ll see an artist with a billion views. The only people that make real money on Youtube is Google the owners of Youtube.

You think they’re gonna give you their profits? Hell nah!

You ain’t gonna never gonna make more money than Google so stop chasing the money!

Chase what you love to do!

Well Steph have you made a million dollars in your lifetime? Yep actually more. What do I have to show for it? Not much.

Where did the money go? On bullsh*t. I mean I’m a bookkeeper (one of my skills) and I guess I should know.

I ain’t gonna lie a lot of it went on weed to keep me from screaming at the world and taxes for sure. But I’ve had a lot of businesses and stuff too and still do.

We live and we spend.

A lot of people have already made a million and more. You just don’t have it in the bank and if you did have it in the bank you ain’t making that much interest so you better invest it in something you can touch!

Look, I’ve been working over 20 years and have made more than $50k per year most of those 20 years and you probably have too!

I know you’re frustrated cuz you want to be rich! You want to live in a mansion with five cars and parties every night like Diddy.

These aren’t the days to do it if you have no skills.

Well Steph if that rapper over there can do it so can I! Of course never say never, but I’ll tell you this:

  1. People that seem to have it all lease their cars. I’m not talking about the mega stars in sports and TV that get millions of dollars in contracts.
  2. People of course own property and most lease it as well. I know of a guy that was really popular on Youtube and would show his mansion and cars. I know he leased his mansion, cars and airplane because I did his little brother’s taxes and he spilled all the beans. He is nowhere to be found in 2024.
  3. True people with money invest it and don’t keep it in a bank.
  4. You tryin’ to keep up with Youtubers will keep you broke.

So many Youtubers are telling you to buy their program or whatever they’re selling cuz they need money too. What they don’t ever say is if they truly found a way to make money on the internet they wouldn’t tell you cuz then you become their competitor.

Don’t get frustrated cuz you don’t have a million dollars sitting in your bank account. Very few people on the planet do.

Most people have things they own that are called assets. Such as property, stocks, bonds, account receivable, and then cash make up their portfolio.

I don’t include crypto at this time cuz you can have $100,000k in crypto today and have 10k tomorrow.

So if you ain’t got a million dollars in your bank account then stop trippin’ and be grateful to keep money in your pocket and do what you want to do with those few dollas.

I used to chase money too and I don’t anymore and I’m fine as wine. I’m good. I got a few dollas in the bank (I’m pulling my money out slowly) and I don’t tell anyone cuz I ain’t a lender. It ain’t much but I’m good.

I don’t put that pressure on myself anymore cuz I know that I have a lot of seeds growing in this world and if the Creator finds it fit for me to have 5 million then I know I deserve it because I’ve contributed to this world in my own way.

That’s what you have to do! Find your own way. But if you are not putting anything into the world you will not get anything out of it.

If you don’t have at least 3 - 10 skills you are always gonna be chasin’ money and money don’t like that. It’s like chasing a male or female. It comes off as desperate and money doesn’t like desperate people.

Make money chase you by putting your value and self-worth into the world.

When you chasing the dollar you keep trying different things. I’ll try this or I’ll try and end up wasting time.

If you tell yourself that you want to be rich. I need to have a big house. I need to have five cars. It’s ok to dream if you have a backup plan for those dreams.

I still think about what I want, but at the same time I’m putting out work in the world and if the universe blesses me cool and if not I’ll keep doing what I like to do.

If you’re not putting anything out to the universe how can you possibly expect to get anything back? Just because you say it doesn’t make it happen.

So if you hustlin’ that’s fine cuz you got bills to pay. But be grateful if you can pay your bills and have a few extra dollars in your account.

Take the pressure off and invest in yourself. That is the biggest investment of them all.

Take the pressure off by telling yourself you want to be rich.

If you do want to be rich make sure you describe how you want to be rich and not just in words but in action.

Otherwise you just wasting your f’ing time.

Just sayin’



Steph Wynne

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