I Have A Prediction About Bitcoin…I WAS RIGHT! Transfer from Bitcoin to Dollars Now!

Steph Wynne
4 min readApr 7, 2024


bitcoin is gambling! Rookie covert your bitcoin to dollars now! DON’T WAIT! I tired to tell you a few days ago!

I tried to tell you!

That bitcoin reaches a plato then whales cash out!

Today is April 13th and I wrote this article around April 10th or so.

I came to the fact that bitcoin gets to a particular high then falls back down around 10k.


I came on the crypto scene in 2021.

I was so intrigiued I wrote a book about bitcoin and released it July 2021.

I wanted to know what the big deal was about.

So I went down a deep rabbit hole and in the end bitoin is underground. It always has been and will always be.

See some of the old owners of bitcoin figured a way to make bitcoin a craze and opened it up to regular folks.

It was right on time because of CoVid and people wanted to invest.

I remember when I invested $100 using Coinbase’s platform when bitcoin was about 10k. So I just left it alone like I would do a stock.

A few months later my bitcoin was over 1,000! I was like yeah baby! Then I started paying attention.

I remember bitcoin went up to lets say 25K an then up to about 40K.

See I happened to catch bitcoin when everybody was buying which made the price go up.

I initially was taking out about $100 a week and definately got my money back and some cuz I’m not a gambler.

Then I started to pay attention to Ethereum and other altcoins.

Then this dip came.

There were a few big players that turned their bitcoin into dollars using Coinbase and the price fell back down to about 10K. I didn’t care because I had taken out about $1,200 by then.

I remember asking Andreas Antonopoulos why would anyone even buy bitcoin when the price is >X today and < Y tomorrow?

That’s when he said it was underground and at first I didn’t understand.

So that’s when I began to research bitcoin and fell down that rabbit hole.

When I wrote “Gambling On Bitcoin” there was no chatgpt to simplify my words so I came off kinda of techinical.

Some of the Amazon reviews were like the book is ok but I still don’t know what bitcoin is.

See bitcoin is underground.

There is a group of people who use bitcoin to buy and sell stuff without the government knowing what they are doing thus they by pass the banks and the IRS.

But the surface bitcoin makes you feel like you should be investing in it.

Since people were and are desparate they wanted the money not the underground bitcoin.

You see bitcoin is tracked by a blockchain which I’m not gonna get into.

When I found out that a blockchain was similar to a journal where transactions are tracked by date and amounts in and out, and is similar to the old days of manual bookkeeping so it was easy for me to understand.

So on some levels I bet the underground bitcoiners were happy the cat was out the box as far as on the surface level where people could buy and sell bitcoin.

I think because it took some of the heat off the underground bitcoin and the IRS and government focused on the people buying bitcoin on the surface.

When I think of the surface bitcoin I think that what people were thinking was when you went to buy something you would see VISA, MC, AMEX and bitcoin.

But the adoption (when everybody accepts bitcoin) never really happened meaning the public didn’t give a damn they want to make money like the stock market.

Anyway from my perspective buying and selling crypto is like gambling including bitcoin.

But the point that I really want to make is when bitcoin was on the rise meaning it had gotten to over 65K is when Elon Musk and his boys went in and did some fancy programming on the blockchain.

I had read an article about Elon Musk (google it) and his people doing something to the blockchain and even some of the miners were clapping for them saying they did a great job.

A great job doing what?

From my perspective bitcoin has never been the same.

Every since then bitcoin gets to no more than about 69k or a drop more then all of a sudden a whale comes in turns their bitcoin in to dollars and bitcoin drops back down to 40K then all the way down to 10K and that’s when the rookies would come in and buy all over again.

It’s a revolving door of rookies.

Rookies don’t know this. The whales will say bitcoin is going to 100k, 500k and more so the rookie buys more bitcoin and holds it.

Then when the bitcoin gets to about $60x the whales pull out and those holding their bitcoin lose big time!

In my book I call it a ponzie scheme.

Yes you can make money with crypto along with bitcoin but you can also lose money too!

It’s totally gambling and it’s easy to get HOOKED!

You see bitcoin is not a tangible item you can not hold it in your hand. Yeah some numbers on a piece of paper is good.

But everybody was fooled by the gold looking bitcoin which was not gold at all. They didn’t know it didn’t have any value. Only the “string of numbers” have “value.” Well sort of.

If people don’t believe in the numbers bitcoin would die.

So I predict that bitcoin will not go over $72k because the whales are gonna pull out.

That’s my prediction.

Oh yeah young white dudes are not the only one’s into bitcoin and other types of crypto.

Just sayin’



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