I’m convinced the Lakers have a coaching problem!

Steph Wynne
1 min readApr 21, 2024


Age progression of Ham after the first playoff game

So Ham has gotta go!

I don’t even watch basketball, I’m a stats person that might watch a few highlights.

I can tell alot about the game by the stats.

I’m convinced the Lakers have a coaching problem

If Denver has the Lakers # then why ain’t Ham doing counter moves?

I mean if Russell is shooting 6 of 20 or 30% can Ham say stop shooting and focus more on defense?

Prince was 57% shooting why not give him the ball?

Does it have something to do with position or getting the ball in the bucket?

How can a team consistantly have your number and it not be a coaching issue?

I want to see composed aggression!

Ham you better win game f-ing 2 or you will be toast!

I don’t care if Denver is doing what they supposed to do get f-ing game 2!

Just sayin’



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