Is God Hidden Inside of Us? Is God our subconscious mind?

Steph Wynne
5 min readFeb 16, 2019
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If God was the ocean and each human drank a cup would God be inside all of Us? Is God in the sky or within the earth?

I didn’t grow up with any type of particular faith like some people do. I’m sure my mother would have liked to, but we didn’t have the right clothes or money to pay the church. I don’t know if that’s her reason or not I never asked her. So me and my siblings were left to do our own thing. I went to a couple of churches in my younger years before I was age 12 and I only went because they offered food, cash in the Easter eggs or some other editable benefit.

I was introduced to the Jehovah Witnesses when I was about 11 and at that time they were preaching the end of the world or Armageddon in 1975. I thought well since we’re gonna die I might as well go on a stealing spree. And I did. Oh yeah, whatever I wanted I took it (from stores, not people). Gonna die anyway was my attitude. 1975 passed and we were still here. That kinda of messed with me mentally because I believed it. Soon thereafter I told my little friends' mom who took me to the church, I didn’t want to go anymore. I’m sure I just didn’t show up.

As I grew up if I went to a church I found myself arguing with the Preacher, Reverend, Pastor or whatever they’re called. I would actually question the person right in the middle of their sermon and was promptly kicked out. This happened several times.

At age 18 I was pushing grocery carts and this guy came up to me and said: “Do you know the letter J came out in the 16th century (I’m rounding the date)?” I was like ah so. Then he said “No J no Jesus or Jehovah.” I was like that’s interesting and went to the library to check it out. He also said that a lot of people died on the cross and not just Jesus and that the cross was a symbol that symbolizes death. Sounds logical to me I thought, but I didn’t wear a cross around my neck so it didn’t matter, but I did notice those that did.

With my new knowledge, I would ask churchgoers (especially Jehovah’s Witness when they knocked on my door)if they knew about the letter J and there was always some logical explanation on their end. “Hey Witness, there was no letter J soooo Jehovah’s name couldn’t have been Jehovah and the same with Jesus.” “Well, Steph you know that was 2,000 ago and everything was different even Jesus’ name.” I was like that’s not logical.

So this same man that told me the “J” intel also told me that God’s name was “Yahweh”, which is Hebrew. So back to the library to research and I found some interesting info and was like who told “Man” that was God’s name? Moses? I started to pay attention to the Hebrew language and could tell the language when I saw it but could only make out the name Yahweh.

For a while, I went to the class he attended which was based on a vision the founder had which was quite convincing. Apparently, the founder had painted the Bible in pictures on some bed sheets based on a dream he had (I hope I got it right). Each Bible story was in three pictures and when it was lined up it was rather interesting. It even lined up with our body which was deep. I haven’t seen anything that made more sense. I hung out with the “class” because they didn’t want anything from me.

I moved to LA when I was 20 and met a music producer a few years later who knew about the “class” and asked if I wanted to go to the LA branch. So I started to check out the LA classes and the teachers were deep with the knowledge. I remember telling the group I smoked weed and was confused with the religious thing and then the next speaker clowned me by saying yes you are confused or something that pissed me off. I’m sure I thought F-you.

I fell off and thought I don’t need a middle man between me and the Creator and have been that way ever since. One of my Jewish clients said, “Hey Steph you should talk to my Rabbi and I said sorry Sir I don’t need a middle man” and he left me alone. So in my mind, there’s me and my Creator and I don’t need a middle man like Jesus or a Rabbi. I always thought of God outside of myself, but not hanging out in the sky. Just kinda like everywhere or invisible.

In 2019 I run across this youtube video about Rev Ike with a bunch of Roll Royce’s and money (here’s a money video). I thought he must be a moocher of the people. He was around in the 70s until about 2009 and I think I may have heard of him. I check out some of his old youtube videos and I’m blown away as this Man was dropping Bible knowledge on another level. More on a psychological level and he was preaching self-improvement and prosperity. When I first heard him I thought of Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone because of the science he was dropping.

In the 70s Rev Ike crossed over and all peoples of the world were liking him and those that didn’t have money were jealous and hating. He was on Oprah, Larry King, and all of the big talk shows in the 80s and they all tried to tear him down. If you were to see this man’s videos you will see that he was way ahead of his time and I’m glad I ran across him.

No, I don’t need a middle man and yes, of course, I believe in a Higher source as we did not create ourselves nor did we crawl out of the ocean. What a finger crawled out of the ocean and waited for the rest of the hand? No, we are complex organisms and I don’t know where we came from. I do have some problems with the History of Man tho.

Rev Ike said that God was inside of us and I thought that makes perfect sense to me. It’s like a cup of the ocean. Is God our subconscious mind? Our subconscious runs the show every day all day. We don’t track how our blood flows or how our bones grow or how to heal a scab. We don’t consciously monitor our breathing or make our hearts beat. So what is the subconscious? We all got one. Could God be like the ocean and we all got a cup inside? I’m feeling that God is in me and not outside of me. It makes logical sense to me.

So is God inside of us and not outside of us? For me, Yes and when I want something or need to get something done or to make myself better, I ask God in me to manifest it — through me!



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