MOST Entrepreneurs DO NOT need a Bookkeeper or CPA…Just sayin’

If you are a sole proprietor or solo LLC you can learn a simple method to do you own bookkeeping and taxes!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

I finally decided and have implemented my mastermind for KBB — Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s The Knowledge Business Blueprint 1.0!
2.0 just started a few weeks ago…

What I’m teaching goes against the grain for some bookkeepers and tax pros because in my webinar I’m saying MOST Entrepreneurs DO NOT need a Bookkeeper or CPA. You don’t need a degree or even Quickbooks!

After creating six full masterminds with website, content, and video, it seems with everything going on in the world, I focused and realized what I should teach was right before my eyes!

Basically Napoleon Hill’s Three Feet From Gold for those that know the story.

I didn’t know what my superpower was when I joined KBB in May of 2019. I couldn’t really grasp the concept, but now a year later I have several superpowers! helped me with this! I took the Kolbe Index A test and got clarity about my superpowers. If you are feeling stuck take the $55 Index A test and you won’t look back!

My greatest superpower is that of a strategist and negotiator. I’ve always been called a teacher and denied it, but now I see that’s another superpower.

What pays my bills is Bookkeeping and Taxes. My company has been located in Los Angeles for the last 15 years and some people also know me for my films, books and physical magazine (RIP).

…so I finally decided I would teach what pays the bills…

My mastermind is teaching Entrepreneurs how to do their own Bookkeeping and Taxes. Once they do they’ll feel sooo confident and mad at why they hadn’t done it before.

See bookkeeping and taxes go hand in hand. The main reason for bookkeeping is so you can get the numbers to do your business taxes.

This mastermind is for entrepreneurs who do business mostly online and get 1099'k from processors like Paypal, Square, Venmo, Stripe etc. and other entrepreneurs that get 1099-Misc forms from their clients. Or maybe you live in a cash world.

If you do not have employees, do not have physical rental properties, work from home or not, do not have investments (stocks and other securities) I can show you a method to do your bookkeeping and year-end taxes. Usually, this method is good for sole proprietors, solo LLC or mom and pop S. Corp without employees.

It’s so simple with my one-page bookkeeping form that you fill out once a month and my once a year one-page tax form. California residents only at this time, although any entrepreneur in the country could utilize my method.

It’s about numbers, tax categories and keeping it simple!

Armed with both forms you can prepare your own taxes! What’s interesting is the entrepreneur knows more about their tax situation than the person preparing your taxes, but society keeps you in fear of screwing up so we Bookkeepers and CPA’s can keep our jobs and clients…more info on this at the mastermind April 15th (the old tax day) and April 25th.

I’m here to emphatically say that about 67% of entrepreneurs do not need a Bookkeeper or CPA.

  • If you don’t mind not paying a Bookkeeper or CPA great have them do your Bookkeeping and Taxes.
  • If you don’t mind keeping all your monthly transactions in a virtual file cabinet or monthly envelope versus a physical filing cabinet.
  • If you only need the numbers to estimate how much you’ve earned and how much you’ve spent monthly.
  • If you don’t mind learning a simple tax program that could change your business life forever.

Anyway, I don’t want to write a book, but the time is now to Step Up and not be afraid to have a voice. Now is the Time to Rise Up Entrepreneurs!

Stay Safe, Healthy and Keep Creating!

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