Nobody Is Coming To Save You. You Must Save Yourself.

Steph Wynne
3 min readFeb 19, 2019
Photo by linux87 via my Envato/elements subscription

Nobody but you will save you from yourself. No one is going to come into your life with all the answers. No one is going to do the hard work you need to do to become a success in your life. You will not have a lifeboat waiting to take you to the next level of your life. Nobody is coming to save you.

So take out your cheerleader tassels and root for yourself. Be the loudest cheerleader ever for yourself. You want that pat on the back then pat yourself. Do you need someone to tell you that you look great? Then look in the mirror and tell yourself you look marvelous! Do you need someone to tell you that you’re doing a great job? Tell yourself you’re doing a fantastic job no matter how small the job might be. A job could be as simple as mopping the floor in your home.

Are you waiting on a clap to validate how good you write or spell or convey your message? Don’t wait any longer, validate yourself by telling yourself in the mirror, eye to eye that you don’t need a freakin’ “clap,” a “like” or an “endorsement” from anyone to know how great you are! You have to clap, like and endorse yourself daily with a pat on the back.

No more letting others have control of how you feel about yourself. No more relying on TV, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social platform to say how wonderful and talented you are. You are who you are without any apologies to anyone.

You are the most powerful person that you know. Yes, You! No need to compare yourself to others and what they got. No need to wish you were like someone else. Be proud of who you are and grateful that you can recognize the Good and Beauty in yourself.

Life is too short to feel sorry for yourself. Life is too short for you not to believe in yourself. The old saying is true, “belief in yourself and others will believe with you.” No need to say you “can’t” do something when it’s just as easy to say you “can.” No more self-pity parties you are bigger than that. Know that you have what it takes to be and do whatever you want to do.

If you don’t know what you are supposed to do, then you need to ask your brain-computer questions, and you will get the answers. Your brain-computer might give you answers that you don’t agree with, but at least look at what your brain-computer feeds back to you.

When you ask your brain-computer questions, it goes into the hard drive of your mind and brings you answers based on your experiences and what you have picked up by others in your life. Don’t argue with your conscious mind what the brain-computer feeds back to you. Just analyze the feedback.

You have bigger fish to fry then what’s happening in your life now, and you know this! I bet you want to inspire others. I bet you’re a leader beneath your calm style. I bet you want to write a book or books about what you know. I bet you are passionate. I bet you know that you can make a difference on planet earth. I bet you believe you deserve recognition for being the Best!

Nobody is coming to save you but you, so put yourself in a lifeboat and get paddling towards the success that you know is destined for you — whatever that “success” is to you.