Update: If You Like to Gamble You’ll Love Crypto

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Don’t get caught up! Buying and selling crypto is gambling so if you have the time to look at your crypto all day maybe this is good for you. Like the rich say “a sucker is born every day” this is crypto!

3/29/21 I wrote the below article a few days ago and since then I had a change of heart because as I research more for a book I’m writing about bitcoin, there’s more to bitcoin…almost cryptic…

I see bitcoin has four main components and the investment side is good for now…


I invested a total of $150 in bitcoin and $100 of Ethereum in September of 2020.

I’m over 2k and had I put more in I’d have more cash. Thing is I’m not a gambler and I’ve already taken out what I’ve invested. It’s small potato’s but that’s ok.

I’m playing with house money now.

I wrote a short ebook on how to buy bitcoin and told others to invest but people don’t understand. I didn’t either until I started writing my latest book on bitcoin which requires me to do some research.

People don’t understand how one coin can be $56,000 dollars. See the missing piece of the puzzle is that bitcoin is not a physical coin!

Take this bitcoin quiz:

Answer: “To make it as simple as possible, bitcoin is powered by massive hard drives and electricity” -Daniel Mross, Developer

I’ll tell you this, bitcoin has opened the door for thousands of cryptocurrencies and it’s nuts right now! I would suggest you take some of your stimulus money or EDD money and start investing!

Thing is none of the crypto companies are backed by anything so I guess we must think differently about money because now the doors are wide open.

People think that bitcoin is too expensive (it’s not) because you can buy any increment.

But the key point is people will start to look at other crypto and then investing a few dollars which will make the crypto rise and if you are on that boat your wallet will rise.

Yes you can lose and win at this game, but right now there’s more winning. Don’t invest all your money but if you got $100 start with that.

This is crazy people!

It’s all hype! Well, sort of. I just invested $20 in a crypto company that provides cloud storage for blockchain platforms. I’ve already made $1.57 in less than an hour which is more interest than my bank paid in the last six months.

It doesn’t sound like much but had I put in more money it would be higher.

But I’m not a gambler.

Or if you are ready to spend at least a $100 start here and get $10 of bitcoin free. Don’t worry about the small amounts as you just want to start somewhere.

Because bookkeeping is one of my skills, cryptocurrency comes easy for me as it’s all about numbers and getting in and out of these new companies.

No loyalty here!

No worries tho because if you can count you can invest. Buy the digital crypto and then turn it into physical money and buy stuff in the real world.

That’s how you will make money, but don’t forget about the taxes!

I’m sure I will make at least 5 figures or more from crypto this year!

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!


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