Saggin’ In America — 18 saggin’ types which one are you?

Saggin’ is a fad from the 90’s and now it’s worldwide. When will the madness end?

“My eyes my eyes! Pull up your f-ing pants up man!”

Saggin’ is a fad and like any fad will be replaced and hopefully soon! In the 60s the fad was psychedelic colors, the 70’s bell bottom pants, the 80’s disco Member Only Jackets, the 90’s was Timberland boots and saggin’ was beginning to surface in music videos. I know because I was shooting music videos and so the fad has been around longer than most fads. Now in 2019 practically everyone you know is sagging, wearing their pants hangin’ off their ass.

Photo by Steph — Paid this Sagger $10 for the picture

For the most part, it’s the male population that sags, from babies to old men. Now we got females saggin’ and it’s a sad day. I’ll compare saggin’ to the 60’s when the hippies were into psychedelic colors. Business people probably didn’t want to hire those types because they were probably high on something. I can imagine that when the psycho colors came out some people didn’t like it but got caught up because a lot of people were wearing those rainbow t-shirts.

I just think having your underwear hang off our ass in public shows were our society stands and says something about how easy it is to program the young and the old. American society says if your pants are saggin you are cool and part of the saggin’ culture.

Below are the saggin types:

1. The Fat Sagger — This type of sagger is too big to sag and has to sag on purpose. Thus the pants will fit tight around the lower ass area and sag the rest of the way to give the illusion of being thinner but it doesn’t.

2. The Skinny Saggers — This type of sagger doesn’t have any ass. If they don’t wear a belt their pants will fall down or they will naturally sag because they don’t have the body mass to keep their pants up.

3. The Wanna Be Sagger — This type of sagger gets their ideas from people they see on the streets, videos and movies. They copy the style of others because they think it’ll make them cool.

4. The Homeless Sagger — This type of sagger is homeless and their clothes are hangin’ off of them because live on the street. Saggin is part of the homelss culture and when they finally clean themselves up I bet their pants will not sag.

5. The Homebody Sagger — This type of person is not really trying to be trendy, but at home when their relaxing they let the basketball short or sweatpants hang off their ass and your partner or spouse might think you look sexy.

6. The Entertainer Sagger — This type of person in their real life might not sag at all but to look good or fit a role in a movie they will be dressed as a sagger

Photo by Steph

7. The Baby Sagger — Babies sag naturally and that’s probably where it came from. Babies shit and piss in their diapers and don’t give a F who knows. Pampers or diapers make babies pants sag because the mom can’t squeeze all the material into the baby pants.

8. The Student Sagger — This is the student that when the new school year begins will be sure to buy clothes are 2–3 sizes larger and will tell the parent who buys the clothes they can grow into them. The parent agrees because they ain’t got to spend money the following year so they think.

9. The Female Sagger — This type of sagger clearly wants to be down with the fad. Women got hips so it’s hard to sag, even skinny women got little hips. I bet most females that sag are gay wanna be down types and live rapper lifestyle.

10. The Gay Sagger — This type of person is male or female and may have different reasons to sag. A gay female might sag because it’s cool and she can hide that she’s a female. Males take advantage of it by showing the goods and love the saggin fad.

11. The Mirror Sagger — This type of sagger will pose, give gansta gestures or dance in the mirror while saggin but too scared to dress like that in public.

12. The Old Sagger — This type of sagger might want to be down with the fad or just lost the ass mass to keep his pants up.

13. The Ass Crack Sagger — This type of sagger shows their hairy ass crack. When I see an ass crack sagger I want to gouge out my eyes!

14. The Drughead Sagger — This type of sagger is skinny and unhealthy due to crack, meth or heroin and doesn’t give a damn about saggin’

15. The Jailbird Sagger — This type of sagger might not sag on purpose and may merely have pants that are too large and since no belts are available the prisoner sags. They say saggin comes from the prison system and I don’t know if that’s true or not…if so apparently it’s a fag thing that’s gone viral around the world…

16. The Women that Love Saggers — Saggers and the women that love them. No matter if a man sags there will always be a female that loves her saggin’ man. Keep ‘em!

17. The Sport Sagger — This type of sagger makes saggin’ look cool and when a guy is cute it’s a mean combination to resist thus a lot of sports guys are saggers with mulla and got the women who love them.

18. The Home Boy Sagger — This type of sagger is your everyday sagger from the neighborhood and doesn’t follow the fad but creates it by being himself.

Which one are you?

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