A Sober Nation?

Steph Wynne
1 min readMay 3, 2024


Everybody will feel it


Even for rich fogies.

I was reading an email from Joe Polish who had a “private fireside chat with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”

I’m about to listen to the interview, but I thought I’d chime in first…

I am a positive person who sees the glass half full…but Joe said in his email that Kennedy was talking about a sober nation.

What? Asober nation? I squawked loudly cuz we know that ain’t happening’.

It’s a sad state of affairs (if I choose to see that reality) out here.

The future looks bleak not because of the homeless, jobless, bad water, weather issues, grab and grab, surveillance, bad food issues, bad attitudes just to name a few things that aren’t going away.

Don’t forget about squatters kicking back in your home when you come back from vacation.

Kennedy is from a family with money so he’s trying to see the good, and I want to too but… the sh*t is bleak out here and gonna get bleaker…

Even your little tech job ain’t safe…

The future of America looks sh*tty…

but I won’t choose that reality until the grid goes down.

Just sayin’.



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