The Mark of the Beast — America Implodes Over Vaccinations

Steph Wynne
6 min readSep 30, 2021
You know where this is going right?

Disclaimer — This is only a short story from my mind. I’m not hating on anyone or any nation. I’m not a religious fanatic either. It’s just a story!

No man will be able to buy or sell unless he has the mark of the beast.
Revelations 13:17

Without the mark, a person’s life will be all but cut off from modern society. He will not be able to buy food or gain medical attention or find shelter or sell anything. Imposing the mark of the beast on people will be an incredibly evil act.

Refuse the mark of the beast — People will hate you. You will lose your job, your house, and most likely your life.

“The entire country is weakened by CoVid22,” said Dr. X proudly.

“Those stupid, greedy, and half-dead Americans will destroy each other!

“They have been lining up for the CV22 shots like filthy pigs for slaughter.

“Their power will be no more on this earth!”

The room exploded in applauds from a group with the same shiny rings and the fresh smell of victory cigars.

“Thank you thank you,” said Dr. X in a humble but confident voice.

The fresh morning air blew away the cigar smoke.

The rising sun cut beams across his face. He moved from his position.

“Plan A has worked out better than we expected. The American’s are attacking each other.

“The CDD mandatory blockchain is in place so that any law or government officials or health care organizations can verify the vaccination status of any individual in the country.

“Their uneducated and heavily vaccinated military personnel is stationed at their hospitals and not protecting their infrastructure.

“Their military leaders are stepping down in droves and hiding out.

“The veteran and inexperienced state police officers are at fighting each other over jobs.

“The unemployed citizens are striking the corporations that fired them,” said Dr. X exposing all thirty-two teeth.

“Their hospitals are overflowing with half-dead sick people and even their pets are dying.” There was a chuckle in the back of the patio.

“The school teachers and parents are paranoid.

“The truckers are defeated.

“Their grocery stores are empty.

“Suicide rates are up 37.9%.

“They cannot drive due to the gas shortage and the bank run yesterday was a masterpiece,” said Dr. X wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“The whistleblower hotline is very active,” said Dr. X.

“They will receive a $50 reward if they turn any unvaccinated person in. This is a game-changer and has put child against parent and brother against sister.

“Soon their president will require everyone to get a vaccination and those that don’t will be hunted down like they have the plague,” said Dr. X excitedly as he shuffled his papers.

“America will implode from the inside and soon we will have no problem turning all the land we bought into military installations while they burn down their own cities and start shooting at each other.

“The vaccinated will wage a war against the unvaccinated. How will we know who’s has been vaccinated?” Dr. X looked over the top of his glasses at the group of men and continued.

“A painless bar code will be imprinted on the inside right wrist of anyone who has been vaccinated. Basically a non-removable tattoo.

The room was completely silent.

“We will step in as the savior and take over America for good,” said Dr. X as he took a long swig of lemon water.

“Plan B consists of under-the-radar military drones, grid hackers, and race riots provocateurs. The world is ours,” said Dr. X shuffling his papers together.

“Everyone in this room will receive injections live on the Internet which of course are placebos,” Dr. X nodded to the Major and sat down.

The room was still quiet except for the humming of the air conditioner.

The men were calm as they each lit another victory cigar.

“Man get off me!” screamed Larry. “When you gonna take your fuckin’s shot?” Screamed Bone rising off his shorter and older brother Larry.

“You can’t live here putting my family at risk because you don’t trust the government,” yelled Bone.

“Really? If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t even have this shitty apartment,” Larry yelled back as he got off the floor.

“You see all these muthafucka’s dying so why you trippin’? Get the fuckin shot Larry so you can keep your job and pay some bills!” Yelled Bone stomping out the room and slamming the door.

The kids were unfazed and played their games without concern.

“Fuck you I don’t have to take this shit!” Yelled back Larry as he grabbed his car key, cell, and black police sunglasses.

He paced the floor thinking about his next move.

The news blared from the living room.

“There have been 165,000 cases of Covid-22 in the last 24 hours and 40% are people who have already been vaccinated. The public is in a panic.”

“The president has declared an emergency shut down again,” the reporter said without blinking an eye.

“In Los Angeles, the police and the patriot militia that joined them have roadblocks on all the major exits. Anyone on the street must show their vaccination papers or wrist stamp.”

“In other news, another mob of vaccinators took the law into their own hands and attacked a fellow employee who said he would not take the shot.

“The man said he and would rather die. So they beat him to death in Matt's grocery parking lot,” said the expressionless reporter.

“A local man recorded a video of two vaccinated police officers sitting in a patrol car eating donuts and laughing at the mob stomping the helpless man.

“When a reporter asked the masked man in a black hoodie why they attacked him, he responded he didn’t have a vaccination stamp.”

“Fuck you!” He roared as he stomped out of his room. He stopped himself realizing his young nephews were in the room. He flung open the front door and fled out of the shitty two-bedroom apartment.

“Don’t come back here until you get the stamp,” shouted Bone to the back of the greasy door.

As Larry walked down the half-lit pissy hallway he could hear people arguing in every apartment.

“Kiss my ass! Get a fuckin’ job!”

“I hate you! I wish I was never born!” “That’s what me and your father say every fuckin’ day!”

“You gambled the fuckin’ rent money?!”

“Bitch where’s my fuckin’ Call of Duty game?!”

Larry had to step over a few people laying on the stairs and stepped on someone’s leg.

“Ouch! Mutherfucka watch where you goin’!” Screamed an elderly man as he kicked at Larry missing his scrotum by a half-inch.

Larry didn’t say anything and kept on stepping.

He was happy to get away from his vaccinated and employed brother.

He was happy to get away from his phony colorless wife that got her fifth shot yesterday.

She’s thirty and looks fifty he thought. Something was definitely wrong with the vaccines. It was turning people into zombies.

Larry got downstairs just in time to see six Asian soldiers riding in a roofless army like Hummer with what looked like minigun barrels extending from it.

They were all holding some type of short-barreled weapons that Larry had never seen before.

“What the fuck?” he said out loud.

He watched the Hummer stop at the broken street light and turn right. Everybody on the street stopped what they were doing and watched just like Larry.

The Hummer made a quick u-turn and came back on the block shooting laserbeam lights at anything and everything.

People started screaming and scrambling everywhere.

Six robotic dogs were released from the back of the Hummer and barked at the residents.

An Asian officer who spoke clear English spoke from a loudspeaker telling the people to go back into their homes.

A white light whizzed by Larry’s head as he ducked behind an old burned-out car.

Circular drones the size of a football came from out of nowhere and were firing laser bullets at the people dazed by what was happening.

Larry felt a hot slice on the back of his neck as his reality turned upside down when he could see his body falling in slow motion on top of his head.