Using Diddy and other “Celebs” as an Example, This is Why YouTube Will Have to Ban AI Thumbnails

Steph Wynne
1 min readJun 12, 2024


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I’m not sure why YouTube (Google) is not censoring itself.

YT is allowing horrible thumbs nails and AI voices to turn videos into stupid clickbait.

Not that I have time, but when I do check YT videos out I check the comments in particular.

I can’t help but to leave a comment that the images are not real and neither are the voices.

I can tell by some comments that the viewer doesn't know the voice is a fake.

I’ve been seeing some ridiculous thumb nails and if I were a celebrity I’d be pissed and ready to sue Google.

Some youtubers will have a combined zillion views of Diddy kissing Jaye-Z and people are believing it as an example!

The YT videos with crazy AI thumbnails to lure the people in and it’ out of control!

They got some celebrities' looking haggard as well!

Anyway don’t get caught up!

Just sayin’



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