She Asked Why Are So Many Black People in Prison…

Steph Wynne
7 min readApr 18, 2024


I guess black people must like shackles!

I ran across a video where a college white girl was asking a panel of white people why there are so many black people in prison.

A white man of about forty got so upset. He started visously throwing out stats about black people.

Black people are less than 12% of this nation and yet they are:

Most people in prison.

Most likely to kill each other.

Most likely to be on welfare.

Most likely are criminals.

Most likely to have a ton of kids.

Most likely to be on drugs or sell drugs.

As he spoke he started practically yelling and just got upset about the whole situation.

But why was he so upset? Seems he woud be happy that:

Black people are less than 12% of this nation.

Most people are in prison. You should be happy that 75% of the 12% are locked up. Makes you feel safer.

Most likely to kill each other. You should happy they are killing each other and not you.

Most likely to be on welfare. You should be happy they are on welfare and not competing with you.

Most likely are criminals. What would you do if nobody would hire you because of your black face?

Most likely to have a ton of kids. Well being only <12% can’t be that many.

Most likely to be on drugs or sell drugs. Well who else are the white people who don’t do drugs buy their drugs from?

Sounds like we are a menace to society. I guess it would be better if we were sent back to Africa. Or better yet dead.

Sounds like this country should get rid of black people.

Well let me answer the whiteman’s question of why so many black people are in prison, on welfare, are criminals that kill each other and have a ton of kids.

One word: Slavery.

White people didn’t have a problem breeding us when money was made. Some will say that cotton wasn’t the only method of making money, but it was the prime source and it wasn’t just cotton it was argriculture in general.

Slavery happened a long time ago, people will say. Get over it people will say. Yeah yeah yeah I know other cultures have been enslaved in this world, but I’m talking about slavery in the USA.

Would you work for free 10 days? A year? How about 100 years! Hell no you wouldn’t!

How can a group exist when all the labor was taken from one country against their will for another country to thrive?

Listen up! Slavery was in existence longer than the inception of this country. What if the tables were turned? What if Africans invaded Europe?

One thing that hasn’t changed since slavery is our black skin.

When my ancestors were relieved of the slavery gig, our black face became the badge of criminality.

A black man went to a white man for a job who said hell no. So black folks had to beg and then steal. So yeah my folks have to survive. And then the white man says “See I told you they are a criminals!”

So why do white people ask why are so many black people in prison? Stats they say! Ok but the wealthy shareholders don’t have a problem with it.

I’m sure white people would prefer black people locked up then on the street so why you mad?

The Justice system is not equal. I worked with a lawyer for 10 years and one day I asked her how many good judges she knows.

With her 35 years as a defense attorney in Los Angeles she said she could count the good judges on one hand.

I was like damn that’s not good!

Then about 2 years ago I asked another attorney about it. I told her what the other attorney said and she agreed with having 40 years in the criminal justice system the judges have their own opinion and prejudices.

So if the judge doesn’t like my black face he can just send my ass to jail.

After slavery all black people wanted to do was get paid for work and take care of our families. But we had no property, food or skills and it was a crime to read or write. Remember?

All they had was a black face and nobody wanted to give them a job unless they worked for free.

Would you work for free?

You see the black face became a badge for white people to point at.

“All they do is steal or kill they are such criminals, I mean animals.”

Some white people will say hey that’s not me. I don’t hate black people, well good for you!

When black people tried to do for self the KKK, law enforcement and the other killer citizens of the United States burned down the little stores we did have or terrorized black people by hanging or shooting us.

I guess they’re the good guys.

Damn we can’t get a break!

Then when black people started selling drugs for a living and law enforcement took bribes and then got jealous when black people started riding around in nice cars and nice houses.

So the judges threw the book at the drug dealers giving them 25 to life for selling cocaine and weed.

So what do you want white people? Do you want to send black people back to Africa? Well you have to pay for it.

So give each black person some money to get the hell out. But you and any other nationality must leave the continent as well. Especially South Africa.

People don’t get it.

The Black face is scary. We are the boogeyman that white people in particular seem afraid of us.

Maybe it’s karma in the back of their minds. No worries as you say, we are only <12% of this nation.

The real question becomes why do white people hate black people? Don’t say you don’t hate us, because behind closed doors we are a menace to your society.

All <12% of us that are 75% in prison and the rest have nothing so why the hate? If we are locked up we are not on the streets and like I said those that by stock in prisons seem to be happy.

The black people that kill each other are programmed to do so otherwise they would kill white people and society doesn’t want that.

The black women on welfare that has a million kids doesn’t have a husband because he’s locked up as he always has been in this county. So what is she supposed to do not have kids?

So the real question I must ask the guy who asked why are so many black people locked up and killers, thieves etc is why are you so scared of a black face?

So for all the do-gooder white people and everybody else that wonders why black people are in jail or why black people kill each other, you should be happy a black man is not lurking in your neighborhood.

Since we are the menace to society, apparently the lowly <12% is causing all the havoc in America.

The less than 12% is eating all the food, getting the most welfare etc. and everybody else does nothing and are saints.

Why not just get rid of us off the face of the f****** earth as you tried it with AIDS in Africa?

What I say is you’re jealous! Yes JEALOUS!

White people would be like, “Jealous of you? I ain’t jealous of you! What do I have to be jealous of you ain’t got sh*t! I just want you out of America!”

So the question is why? There’s less than <5% of us walking as acquiesced zombies so why all the hate?

If this was a Hollywood story the tables would turn around and karma would kick in.

You see you don’t have any control over black people and you’re jealous because there are very few of them in sports or leftover entertainers that earn more money than you. Look better than you. Are stronger than you.

Let’s be real if you could have it your way you would get rid of them and take their money. Note to entertainment artists.

So the next time you hear somebody white person going off on black people being criminals, welfare recipients and killers ask them why?

I know why and it’s the residue of slavery and especially our black faces.

Well you can read and write (can we?) You can get a job. You can get an education. So what’s your excuse they say?

Baggage from the past that everyone assumes to be true ie (Blackman is a thief, criminal and lazy wanna be rapper. Blackwoman wants a zillion kids and state welfare) and my black face I say!

I’ll be real. Because of my background and the companies that I’ve been in, I was usally the only black face. So the jobs aren’t just waiting for us in open arms. Nobody actually.

If you don’t like us give us all reparations and send us back to Africa and leave us the fu** alone!

Thing is tho if we go back to Africa then everyone must get the hell out Africa otherwise shut the f up!

None of us can get off this planet so we might as well get along.

Just sayin’



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