Who are the Gatekeepers for the Crypto Developers?

Steph Wynne
2 min readApr 25, 2021
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We are definitely living in a scary or marvelous time in our civilized society.

I guess it depends on what you focus on.

I’m researching bitcoin for a book I’m writing. There’s a lot of activity going on behind the scenes with crypto and developers.

They’re making sure the world will need their intelligence, time, apps, and computing power. So I guess now we are to trust the developers with the code to our blockchains?

I’m playing the devil’s advocate.

Why do we need human nodes to prove anything? Would it be too much non-human power for AI to process the blockchain transactions?

Blockchains are the decentralized platforms from the banks. But now we have these very smart and intelligent developers to deal with. I’m still trapped trusting a 3rd party.

So no matter what there seems to always be a 3rd party in the background in whatever we do as a society.

They say bitcoin it’s not owned by anyone, yet there has to be a consensus for any changes or for certain approvals. The participating nodes are the owners.

I’m seeing a time where rogue developers with power and control issues can cause drama in the crypto world.

Rogue developers can make themselves millionaires or billionaires. I know they’re smart enough to do it with backdoors to whatever digital assets they create.

I’m not as trusting like the rest of the world when it comes to new tech that the average person does not understand.

Who are the gatekeepers for the crypto developers?

Just saying…



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